About Tash

Hi friends! My name is Tash and I am on a mission to make financial conversations less taboo.

I believe that personal finance and investing doesn’t have to be a scary topic and that financial freedom can be achieved without sacrificing the things you love.

I am 23, work as a disability support worker and study occupational therapy. You don’t need to work in finance to be good with your personal finances!

When I’m not working I love anything to do with the ocean! Swimming, wakeboarding, freediving.

You can stay up to date on my financial freedom journey on instagram

about tash

My Investment Story

I bought my first shares when I was 18; 4 units of IVV.

I didn't really know what I was doing so I held onto these and continued saving for my property deposit. I started investing regularly into ETFs at the end of 2019. At the start of 2020 I bought a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment. 

I now have a networth of $215,000+. I buy and hold exchange traded funds long term and am aiming to achieve financial freedom within the next 15 years! 

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about tash

Work with Me

Have a brand you want to market to gen z and millennials? I can create and promote targeted content across my engaged following on Instagram and Tiktok.

Please get in touch at tashinvests@gmail.com if you have a project you’d love to work on together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?!

Want to learn more about investing or personal finance? Have a look at my recommendations list for books, investing platforms and microinvesting apps. I have lots of content on my IG, Tiktok and blog.

What should I invest in?

I am not a financial advisor so cannot answer this. It depends on your timeframe, risk tolerance, goals and what you understand/are comfortable with! If you want a recommendation for someone who is an advisor send me a message :)

How did Tash learn about investing?

Through podcasts mostly! My Millennial Money and She's on the Money both have episodes that break down the basics of investing. 

What is tash's investment strategy?

I buy and hold index funds long term. I don't day trade or attempt to try and time the market. 

Does tash have a course or coaching?

No! I am not a financial advisor. If you need help finding a qualified advisor, get in touch and I can recommend someone.