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Every Job I’ve Ever Had and How Much I Was Paid

February 14, 2021

Here’s a list of all the jobs I’ve ever had, from server to swim teacher to support worker and how much I was paid. Since finishing high school I’ve always had more than one job.

Casual dining restaurant
I was paid $12/hour at 14 and worked 2-3 hour shifts after school. I well and truly HATED this job but it was such a good learning experience

My first retail job! I got to work at the first ever Perth store which was exciting. We were paid a base rate of $16/hour but also got penalties for weekends and public holidays. I was only here about 6 months. They hired a lot of casuals for the busy opening period.

AFL stadium
I worked event shifts as a food and beverage attendant. The pay was $18-20/hour. It was crazy but such a fun experience! I used this job to pick up extra shifts on the weekend on top of my regular jobs

I worked as a receptionist at an occupational therapy clinic for about a year. I was paid $16/hour.

Swimming instructor
I spent 3 years in this role across 3 different swim schools. Pay varied from $27-35/hour and shifts were anywhere from 2-4 hours long. This job worked really well on uni days or in-conjunction with my day time receptionist job

Optical dispenser
I worked at a popular glasses retailer dispenses orders for glasses and selling add on’s. I was only here for 6 months due to poor management but as a glasses wearer it was really interesting learning all about glasses and common eye conditions. Pay was around $20/hour.

Community support worker
My pay for this job started off as $24/hour part time and then increased to $37/hour as a causal after I had been there for 3-4 years. We also got penalty rates but weekend/public holiday shifts were limited. Shifts were anywhere from 3-8 hours long.

Residential support worker
This is my current role. I work 2.5 days on, 2.5 days off living in the group homes x 3 and then get 9 consecutive days off. My base salary is $71k. Overtime is paid at $34/hour for awake shifts. Penalty rates only apply on public holidays. We get extra annual leave (6 weeks instead of 4) to account for all the weekends and public holidays.

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